Judy Jetson vs Caroline

I sit on my deck on this beautiful September afternoon. Here I am, working from home on my laptop, my iPad and my cell phone with unlimited international call minutes. Oh, and did I mention my espresso machine. The ability to work from my deck here in the middle of a hardwood forrest with all the perks of a modern espace cubicle without the commute time or the enviornmental pollution, sometimes seems...

Sixteen Candles

Our granddaughter, Isabella was just here for her summer visit. This year we celebrate her sixteenth birthday so her grandfather and I were very excited that she could legally drive us around. In recent years there were some country roads that her Popa taught her the rules of the road on the QT, but this summer we’re legal. Within minutes of her arrival, she reminded me, once again, there are no...

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday I attended the funeral of an old friend. The two of us were pioneers in the revitalization of our city’s downtown. We were the first to open locally owned restaurants/bars on the old Historic Riverfront . Tony ran an Irish Pub that could go head to head with any Irish Pub this side of the Pond and I ran an oyster bar. We were next door neighbors and were there to help one another out when...

Yes and No

Back to Yoga after 3 weeks away. So awesome, and I am once again reminded of the blessing of having Jan Campbell as my teacher. Although I have practiced on my deck in early morning hours and appreciate that and realize the benefits of this incredible practice, it doesn’t compare to being in the studio. There have been many things in my life that I have committed to. Parenting is the only one that...

Missing In Action

For those of you who may have logged on to my website recently, I apologize for being MIA. I have been going through some not so fun stuff in my life and have needed some couch time. Do any of you know about couch time? I use the term lovingly as I really do think it is important to have a place, a really safe place, to talk about the things in life that cause us to go to the darkside. My head and heart...

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