Judy Jetson vs Caroline


I sit on my deck on this beautiful September afternoon. Here I am, working from home on my laptop, my iPad and my cell phone with unlimited international call minutes. Oh, and did I mention my espresso machine.

The ability to work from my deck here in the middle of a hardwood forrest with all the perks of a modern espace cubicle without the commute time or the enviornmental pollution, sometimes seems rather George Jetson (Judy Jetson, I should say).

Years ago when I was a much younger woman, I lived in the middle of the Cascade Mountain Range in the Pacific Northwest. I was a single mom with two young sons living in a place with no electricity, cooking on a wood stove, heating our home with fireplaces, certainly no cell phones, cable TV, VCR, iPods, and often with a frozen well, so we had to bring water in.

So today I sit here and I wonder, Judy Jetson vs. Caroline from Little House on the Prairie; both have played equally important roles in my life and today especially, puts a big smile on the FACE OF A WOMAN

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