Sixteen Candles


Our granddaughter, Isabella was just here for her summer visit. This year we celebrate her sixteenth birthday so her grandfather and I were very excited that she could legally drive us around. In recent years there were some country roads that her Popa taught her the rules of the road on the QT, but this summer we’re legal.

Within minutes of her arrival, she reminded me, once again, there are no full length mirrors at our house. She is totally amazed that there are only two mirrors in the whole house. There are two because there are two bathrooms and it is standard to have mirrors in bathrooms.

The lack of mirrors in our home amazes this young teenage girl. She is the typical teenage girl and is all about makeup, hair, manicures and suntans. I on the other hand, I am all about her and want to please her in every way possible. I fall short when it comes to mirrors but I did score big with all the wonderful skin care products I have for my home-based business with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.

We did facials and talked about how important it is to take care of our skin at even the early age of sixteen. She was on the phone the very first day telling her mom she thinks she’s found the perfect skin care regimen for her mom’s rosacea. She was also texting her girlfriends who use Proactiv Solution telling them that her G’ma has partnered with the doctors who created the awesome stuff!! It was wonderful to see this young girl get on the internet and research skin problems. Do we have a Dermatologist in the making?

Since Bella is a Seattle girl and the heat and humidity of the south is a bit out of her comfort zone, she put the new sunless tanning products my company has to the test. This really pleased me because trying to explain the hazards of sun damaged skin to a teenager trying to get her glow on is a lesson in futility. Thank you heat and humidity!
Getting a tan while we watched, Project Runway and read Allure Magazine and drank sweet tea (she loves the way Southerns make tea, no sweet tea in the Pacific Northwest) was much more comfortable and much healthier. The Sunless Tan also got the “Teenager’s Seal of Approval” for great tans.

The summer was not all about beauty, brains matter too. So we did keep the Kindle charged for her summer reading assignment. Have to admit if I had had a Kindle in my youth, I would have missed out on all those great hot summer afternoons I spent in the old library of my childhood home. It helps keep one in the 21st Century having a teenager in the house.

Our granddaughter is not yet grown but the thrill of watching this incredible person grow from the tiny little baby of sixteen years ago into the beautiful young woman she is today has been a journey not to be missed. A couple more summers and it will be the face of a beautiful grown woman reflecting in the full-length mirror that will soon be installed in our guest room.

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