Yes and No


Back to Yoga after 3 weeks away. So awesome, and I am once again reminded of the blessing of having Jan Campbell as my teacher. Although I have practiced on my deck in early morning hours and appreciate that and realize the benefits of this incredible practice, it doesn’t compare to being in the studio.

There have been many things in my life that I have committed to. Parenting is the only one that proved to be irreversible, the others have come and gone or at least changed, ie: marriage partner, jobs/profession, religious affiliation, politics, diet, exercise routine, to name a few. Last January I found Yoga. I think I am safe in declaring Yoga a lifetime commitment, one that is irreversible.

Along with the best skin of my life I am possibly in the best shape. Well that might be a stretch. I was in pretty good shape in the days of my logging career. Thirty years ago, everything was well thirty years younger, but I choose not to dwell on that. I have chosen to celebrate the passage of those years and appreciate the lessons learned.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is to never say no until I know what I am saying no to. Same goes for saying yes. No and Yes are both complete sentences. Never say these words until you hear the question. Never assume you know what the question is. Listening is the best weapon against bad decision making.

I listened to my friend Cindy when she told me she had a Plan B that I might be interested in. I went to lunch with her, listened to the business opportunity and decided it would be my Plan A. Turns out not only did I find a way to change my financial future, I found the best skin care of my life, met some of the most loving and caring people in the world, I also found my teacher, Jan Campbell.

In my new business, I tell people, “I have some good news and some bad news”. Let me give you the bad news first. We are all aging. Now the good news, we are all aging and Rodan + Fields Dermatolgists have an Anti-Aging arsenal . Let me share the good news with you. Go to sheilawarren.myrandf.com. and then call me and let me ask you to listen to what the doctors have to share.

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