Saying Goodbye


Yesterday I attended the funeral of an old friend. The two of us were pioneers in the revitalization of our city’s downtown. We were the first to open locally owned restaurants/bars on the old Historic Riverfront . Tony ran an Irish Pub that could go head to head with any Irish Pub this side of the Pond and I ran an oyster bar. We were next door neighbors and were there to help one another out when times were hard and there to celebrate together when times were good. We spent 20 years together. Day in and day out we were there to persevere.

Although I will certainly miss my friend and neighbor, he will no longer have to suffer and yesterday was indeed a celebration of a life well lived. Days like yesterday serve as a blatant reminder that life is a journey with beginning and end. It is what we do in the middle that matters. Do we get up each day and complain and worry or do we wake up with intention of living the day as best we can, with hope and gratitude?

I try to always practice yoga first thing each morning. It helps me clear any negative thoughts that try to take up space in my head. There is a voice inside my head trying to remind me of my purpose. It is the voice of inspiration. My yoga practice helps that voice take me to where I need to be each day.

In my days as restaurateur I would wake up with a since of urgency and fear of being a day late or a dollar short. Fortunately, I no longer a wake with that 800 pound Gorilla in my head. I have now changed my work to something a lot less stressful. I am now in the skin care business and it is a good thing. Taking care of my skin and helping others find their way to the best skin of their life is much easier than sucking bushels of oysters and peeling shrimp.
As I stood at my friend’s gravesite and heard the beautiful voice of one of the pallbearers sing “Danny Boy”, I knew that I had been witness to one heck of a send-off. I also knew that I would continue to get up each day and do my best. As June Carter Cash was famous for saying, “I’m just trying to matter”

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